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Home Extensions North London

Love where you live, but need a bit more room? A house extension is a fantastic way to gain that extra space without the hassle and hidden expenses of moving house.

At Combit Construction, we’ve performed house extensions in North London and surrounding areas, in each case delivering the project on time and to the client’s complete satisfaction.

Combit Construction team has completed many beautiful and successful home extensions in North London. We understand the ropes. We are familiar with the rules and regs and understand where home real value is. Our company policy of attention to detail ensures that our customer’s dreams are fully realized: we turn ideas into practical living spaces and craft home extensions in North London that are worth every pound spent.

Many of the extension projects we’re involved with necessitate extending the kitchen. By expanding the kitchen area, you can create a large open-plan space that’s suited to both cooking and dining. In addition, we could build an extension for the study area, office or play room – all of which will increase the value of your home significantly. As satisfied homeowners across NW London will attest, our house extensions are something special.

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Photo of home extension
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Kitchen Extensions

Kitchen Fitters in North London

Many of our customers choose to include a new kitchen in their house extension project. At Combit Construction, we’ve designed and created many beautiful and highly functional open-plan kitchen/dining areas which make family living and informal entertaining oh-so-easy! Check out our gallery here.

Do you need an extra living space, study, playroom or utility room? Your home extension can cater to any of these needs and add real value to your home. We don’t believe in ‘cheap and nasty’ work: we focus on attention to detail and craft extensions that are worth every bit of time and elbow grease!

We understand that for many London property owners, their home represents their life’s savings and investment, and we pride ourselves in quality workmanship that adds genuine value to your home. Igor and the team at Combit Construction are known for high-quality house extensions: we set high standards for ourselves, and we achieve them. Client satisfaction is our number one priority.

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Kitchen Fitters North London

Why should I choose Combit Construction for my home extension in North London?

20+ years’ experience; quality workmanship; professionalism; total customer satisfaction. Igor and the team at Combit Constructions continue to craft top-quality home extensions for customers in North London, turning dreams into realities.

From initial consultation, through to detailed quotation and construction, the team at Combit Constructions offers superior customer service and after sales support. And with 99% of our customers returning for further projects, our reputation as one of North London’s leading renovation specialists is steadily growing!

What Type of Extension would Suit Your Property?

Rear House Extension:

Are you thinking about simply adding a room (or rooms) to the back of your home? Rear extensions are generally cost-effective and straightforward and can sometimes be achieved without planning permission.

Single Storey Extension:

Single Storey Extension generally added to the side or back of the home. The single-storey extension is popular with homeowners who need additional kitchen, living or entertaining space. Whether you build onto the side, rear, or front of your home, a single-storey extension is a great way to add extra room for a growing family, cater for hobbies or create that designated area for work-from-home arrangements.

Double Storey Extension:

Why not double the room without doubling the price?! A double-storey extension is a perfect way to maximize your space and transform the functionality of your home (and it is generally cheaper per square meter than a single-storey extension).

Wrap Around Extension:

Wrap around extension adding onto both the side and the rear of the home to create that ‘L’ shaped extension is a popular choice for homeowners who need the space but don’t want to chew into too much of their rear garden area. Wraparounds provide endless opportunities for extending kitchen and living areas, or for creating casual entertaining spaces.

How Much Will My House Extension Cost in London?

The cost of your house extension will depend on complexity of the project and the part of London. Again, the closer to zone 1, the more expensive the logistics and the more restriction complications.

The roof structure will also influence the cost – a flat roof structure is likely to be cheaper than a crown roof structure. Another factor that will influence cost is the depth of the foundations. If there are trees close to your future extension, the foundation may need to be excavated to 2.5m deep. A piling may even need to be considered.

The approximate cost of an extension is somewhere between £1700 and £2000 p/m2.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much value will a home extension add to my home? 

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question: the size and style you choose will ultimately determine how much value your extension adds to your home. Adding on a generous master bedroom with an ensuite is a sure-fire way to up the value of your property, as is an additional bathroom or open plan living space.

How long does it take to build a home extension?

Depending on the size and complexity of your project, Combit Constructions, specialist builders in North London, generally allow between 3 – 4 months for project completion.

What are the benefits of extending my home?

For most homeowners, the benefits of a home extension include:

  • Extra space
  • Improved functionality
  • Increased home value
  • Avoid moving costs (agents fees, stamp duty, legal fees etc.)
  • Less stress than moving house

What size extension can I build without planning permission?

You can build a single-storey extension of up to 6 meters without planning permission, or 8 meters if your home is detached. Talk to the team at Combit Constructions about your proposed extension, and any necessary permits you may require.

Do I require planning permission for an extension to my home?

You may need planning permission if you:

  • Are planning an extension of more than 6 meters (or 8 meters for a detached home)
  • Are planning a double-storey extension
  • Live in a listed property
  • Have already altered the home considerably
  • Live in a conservation area

If you have any questions or concerns about building a home extension, the team at Combit Constructions, extension builders London, are here to help!