The Benefits Of Home Extensions

Do you need more room in your home? Would you like an additional bedroom or a home office? More and more people are adding extensions to their homes instead of selling and buying a larger home because of how easy and affordable home extensions are now. In fact, with the home market constantly changing, a home extension will add more value to your home with less out of pocket costs for you than any other home upgrade.

While there are many benefits to a home extension, we are going to focus on some of the more popular ones that homeowners throughout the UK look for.

3 Benefits Of Adding An Extension On Your Home

Home Extensions Save Homeowners Time And Money- selling your home, searching for a new home and moving into your new home takes a lot of time and it can become expensive especially if you take a loss on your current home.

You Can Custom Tailor Your Home Extension- part of the home buying process if finding the home that is perfect for you. It is the house you have been dreaming of, but in reality, unless you build your own home, you won’t find a home that is custom tailored to your needs. But, when you add a home extension, you can customise that part of your home and make it all your own.

Home Extensions Increase The Value Of Your Home- any time you upgrade your home you are adding value to it. When you decide to sell, you will often get a lot more than you paid for as the value of your home has increased dramatically. Not all home upgrades add the same amount of value to your home and home extensions are typically the best way to increase the value of your home by thousands over the cost of the extension itself. By adding more square footage to your home, the value increases. By adding custom touches to your home extension, the value increases. In fact, every part of your home extension will increase the value of your home.

Being able to upgrade your home with a home extension from Combit Construction is the best way to create the home of your dreams and style, square footage and value to your home. From an extra bedroom or bathroom, to a home office or entertainment room, the team of builders at Combit Construction are standing by to build your dream home today!

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6 Benefits of a Loft Conversion

Are you considering a loft conversion for your home but aren’t really sure if it is worth it or if you will receive any benefits from the project? Like many homeowners, especially those whose space is at a premium, are looking into ways to increase the value of their home and add more usable space at the same time. For some, a tight budget is a factor in their decision and one of the best ways to adhere to a budget is a loft conversion.

Loft conversions offer many benefits that you might not even realise and they are often completed in less time than a typical room renovation. If you are considering a loft conversion, keep reading as we are going to share some benefits of a loft conversion for your home.

Benefits of a Loft Conversion

A Loft Conversion Is Affordable- loft conversions are an affordable way to add more space to your home without sacrificing time. Loft conversions are relatively quick from design to completion and, when compared to an extension, they are also less likely to cause structural issues.

A Loft Conversion Adds Value To Your Home- a typical loft conversion can add as much as 20% to your home’s value which makes the project more than pay for itself. There is no other home improvement that costs so little and adds that much value and you can turn your new loft space into an additional bedroom, a home office or a bathroom.

You Won’t Have To Move To a New Home For More Space- for many UK homeowners, if they want more space, they usually move to a larger home. This costs money and can take up a lot of time trying to find a new home, purchasing the home with the possibility of taking a loss on the sale of their home and having to settle into a new community with new schools and possibly even a new job.

Loft Conversions Offer More Space- loft conversions add more space to your home, but they can also provide additional storage through built-ins, under stair closets and more. This means that you can take clutter from other rooms, store it and get more space throughout your home.

A Loft Conversion Can Give You A View- of your home doesn’t have a good view because of tree lines or the way your home is situated on your property, a well-designed loft conversion can give you that view and let some natural light into your home as well.

Adds Natural Light- speaking of natural light, loft conversions can offer some much needed natural light that will help decrease your energy bills and make your home seem much larger than it is.

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How to Ensure Project Success

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How to Ensure Project Success

Project success isn’t just about avoiding failure, but also delivering high quality results. So even when you manage to meet the deadline, if the outcome is subpar, the entire project is still unsatisfactory. This is especially true in construction projects where mistakes can mean blowing off a lot of money.

So, How do you ensure project success?

Avoid common pitfalls

The phrase “the devil is in the details” has never been truer in any project. One wrong move, one miscalculation can lead to a major fallout. This is why, from the outset, every aspect of a construction project must be taken into account and listed down, complete with a timeframe and all pertinent details. When this is done, you can avoid the following pitfalls:

An unrealistic project time frame

Some projects take longer to complete than others. Be completely honest about this, rather than overextending yourself just to be awarded the project. Save yourself from unnecessary stress, and your reputation from being tarnished.

Dragging the planning stage

Don’t waste time consulting with planners before creating and submitting plans. The longer you delay, the longer it will take for the project to complete.

Inaccurate quotations

A good budget for a project should have around 10% contingency fund. Make sure you have expenses down pat, and then add the 10% for good measure. The last thing you want is the lack of budget to put the project on hold indefinitely.

Don’t let indecisions get in the way

There should always be room for adjustments in any project, but mostly minor ones. If changing your mind can mean a major overhaul, then you’ll never complete anything on time.

Working with the wrong tradesmen

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why working with the wrong people can result in an unsuccessful project. The lack of skills and knowledge, however, is just half of the problem. A skilled worker’s attitude and level of cooperation also matters. Make sure that the tradesmen you work with share your visions and passion for getting the job done.

Failing to keep things running smoothly

Creating a plan should cover every aspect of the project, including the ground rules and house rules. This would help ensure a project is completed on time with as minimal fuss as possible. It should follow a per-stage progress, where one level is finished before the next one is started, and all within the set time frame.

You should also take into consideration the amount of stress the project will impose on your clients. This is especially true with a home renovation where the family continues to reside while the project is underway.

Failing to provide the essentials in home construction

A bathroom is an essential part of any home, and should always be top on the list. For every three bedrooms there should be one bathroom. The design of the windows also matter. This is especially true if you are extending a home, where the original and the new construction should match to a T, and appear a seamless extension. So make sure the window design is an exact match.

Most importantly, the construction site must have access to water and electricity, and are kept clean through regular skip hire. Don’t forget to regularly communicate with builders to stay updated with the project.

Combit Construction Attends Home Renovation and Building Show in Birmingham

We recently had a day out at the home renovation and building show in Birmingham which was a fantastic way to research new technology and building innovations. Walking around the different stalls gave us some eye opening ideas on ways to incorporate new techniques and products into our own building work here in North London.

One of the stands that really caught our eye was polycool – this is a great way to keep your conservatory temperature moderated and here at Combit Construction we would like to incorporate this product for those with conservatories that have the same issue.

Check out their website for more information and read why Polycool is a great addition to every conservatory